What is Non-Fiction Business?

Non-Fiction Business is the start-up partner your new business has been searching for.

We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs offering a virtual one-stop shop of services to guide
you through every aspect of launching your company. Non-Fiction Business is the trusted
partner you need to fill your team’s experience gaps.  With us, you choose the services your
team needs to deliver your start-up vision to marketplace success.

Communicating Your  Idea

The entrepreneurs at Non-Fiction Business specialize in helping take a start-up idea and delivering it to the marketplace.   We excel at helping new ventures communicate their vision, and refining it to sell to investors, business partners, and customers.

Creating Your Strategy

An idea without a plan is doomed.  The professionals at Non-Fiction Business will help your start-up develop a growth strategy that can be executed around your idea.  Our team will then “concept test” your vision to refine both the idea and the strategy for marketplace success.

Building and Execution

The best strategy is worthless if not executed properly.   The Non-Fiction Business team loves to get its hands dirty helping new ventures execute a clearly outlined plan.   We help start-ups drive sales, identify markets, and develop key partnerships that improve their chances of success, regardless of the industry, sector, or market.


Non-Fiction Business Services

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