Get Your Startup in Motion: The Magic of Videos!

Get Your Startup in Motion: The Magic of Videos!

Get Your Startup in Motion: The Magic of Videos! 700 400 Paul Benevich

Get Your Startup in Motion: The Magic of Videos!

Back in 2010 Forbes found that 75% of executives watch business-related videos. That number has only grown since then, and for good reason. If done right, video can be one of your most effective tools. Here are three benefits I have discovered over the years.

1. Focuses Your Pitch

The process of creating the story for the video forces your team to effectively communicate the industry pain point and specific benefits the solution brings your target audience.   Again, the video is not about highlighting the features, but the benefits of your solution as it relates to solving the pain point of your target audience.

2. Easy Sharing

Prospects are everywhere. How we approach them, though, makes all the difference. Videos simplify how we pitch to potential customers or investors. Why talk when we can let the video do the work?

At meetings, videos have much the same effect: an overall summary of the product and its benefits. The technique is excellent for focusing teams or investors before going into the business details. Never over-rely on them, however. Videos are for sparking conversation, not diminishing it.

3. Enabling Investors and Partners

Videos are static: viewers can tune in when they want. This makes them particularly suitable for investors. Often, they are reviewing a slew of different businesses each week. Advice from peers or colleagues is a natural part of the selection process. Videos makes sharing, and offering feedback, require far less work. Similarly, videos are great for building partnerships. They help your partner champions quickly drum support for your solution, important for encouraging positive consensus.

Final Thoughts

Animation videos cost as little as $500, making them one of your most cost-effective investments. Maximizing appeal is crucial, however. You’ll definitely want to test and refine your videos. Be smart and add an additional 25% of the cost for revisions once you have market feedback.

Here are links to two companies that I’ve worked with in the past and were great: