Investor Presentation Coaching and Prep

Investor Presentation Coaching and Prep

Executing a detailed and persuasive investor presentation is a crucial step in the success of many new start-ups.  Non-Fiction Business will work with your team to help communicate its vision and effectively leverage the mindset of an investor.

Our team will work with yours to craft a presentation that appeals to the “fear of missing out” and “greed” mentality of investors.  In short, we’ll help your start-up tell its story in a way that communicates “minimal risk” to any potential investor.

Non-Fiction Business can also help your team develop a winning “Q & A” strategy and effective follow-up presentations for these often-tricky aspects of the investor meeting process.  Courting investors is a dating process, with the investor continually gauging how much progress the start-up has made since the last meeting.   Our team help yours to prepare for each leg of the investor journey.

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