Case Study


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StaffRanker, Inc., offers cloud-based solutions that provide tools for the Food Management Industry.

StaffRanker, Inc. has 2 software solutions:

StaffRanker is a cloud-based solution that provides tools for owners and management teams to better Track, Coach and Train employees real-time;

StoreRanker is a Territory Management Solution which enables large Food Management Companies to have visibility of all unit locations, territories, regions and divisions through one dashboard. 


When I engaged StaffRanker, Inc. they only had one solution (StaffRanker).

StaffRanker had gained traction selling the solution to small mom and pop restaurants, but the mom and pop business model was not going to enable the company to scale the business quickly and the door-to-door sales model was eroding margins.

As we attempted to sell StaffRanker to Medium-to-Large Sized Restaurant Companies the solution was very well received, but was impractical to implement for the following reasons:

  • Significant investment into Onboarding and training– In order for StaffRanker to be impactful to an organization every employee within the organization had to engage with the solution.
  • Long sales cycle (18-24 months)– since the solution required every employee to engage with the solution, all company department heads had to buy into the solution.
  • Significant integration costs– StaffRanker solution had to be integrated with the company’s current ERP system which required a significant up-front investment.
  • Risky Investment– The significant dollar and resource cost to implement and onboard the StaffRanker solution made it too risky to invest in a younger company like StaffRanker, Inc.


StaffRanker, Inc. tasked me to find a way to de-risk the buying decision for larger companies and drive more company revenues.


Through extensive discussions with more than 20 Top Executives of Food Management Companies I learned that the number one pain point for these Executive Teams was tracking visibility of the individual locations throughout the world.   Many of these companies had to try and track anywhere from 500-6,000 locations and make decisions without real visibility of what was actually happening at the store level.

What we learned through prospect customer interviews:

  • Still using Paper and Pencil Audits– so compiling data in a meaningful way was virtually impossible.
  • Using Outdated Audits– since there was no centralized place to access the latest audit many team members were using outdated audits.
  • No Store Accountability– No way for Management to know if audit recommendations were implemented after an onsite audit.
  • Lack of Visibility– COOs were making decisions without having visibility of what was happening at the store, district, and regional level.

I presented the data to the StaffRanker, Inc. team and we determined the way these Food Management Companies analyzed store locations was very similar to the way the StaffRanker solution evaluated employees.   Due to this, the architecture of the current StaffRanker solution could be customized to create a second solution which we called StoreRanker.

StoreRanker Solution Results

  • Minimal investment into Onboarding and Training– Implementation and training could be completed within 2 weeks.
  • Sales Cycle was reduced to 4-8 weeks StaffRanker’s 18-24 months. We reduced the decision-making process from all corporate division heads to one person (The COO).
  • No Integration costssince the StoreRanker solution could be used as a standalone solution.
  • No longer a Risky Investment– No large upfront costs, no integration costs and no long-term contract.

StoreRanker would now be the lead solution for medium-to-large Food Management Companies and when it was fully implemented it allowed the StaffRanker solution to be introduced as an upsell solution.


We created the StoreRanker pilot solution within 6 weeks.   We beta tested StoreRanker for 20 weeks with various clients and within a year closed a very lucrative contract with one of the top Global Food Management Companies.