To enable entrepreneurs to build great companies that create Great Jobs
Definition of “Great Jobs” - (good paying jobs in a great company culture)

“A Ship in port IS SAFE; but that is NOT what Ships are Built for”

John Augustus Shedd

Helping entrepreneurs build their companies is a great honor, and I feel I have the best job in the world.

Simply put, my mission is: “Build great companies that create great jobs.”

For years, however, I felt that being an entrepreneur was a guilty pleasure.   I did not come from a family of entrepreneurs.  My mom was a college professor and my dad an executive at a large insurance company.  Unfortunately, I had to learn entrepreneurship through a series of trials and errors.

By nature I was always a builder, but never felt comfortable taking the non-traditional road of entrepreneurship.  It wasn’t until I read the book The Coming Job War by Jim Clifton that I understood the importance of the entrepreneur as our country’s last best hope for new job creation.  This revelation finally gave me the freedom to embrace my passion for building businesses and helping other entrepreneurs succeed too.

Our team mission at Non-Fiction Business is to help our start-up partners succeed. Your success is literally our success. We do not view our work with you as just a consulting engagement, but rather an ongoing partnership where we expect to take your new venture to the next level—and beyond.

Paul Benevich
Non-Fiction Business